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District Judge History

Article III of the Constitution governs the appointment, tenure, and payment of Supreme Court justices, and federal circuit and district judges. These judges, often referred to as “Article III judges,” are nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Below is a list of the Article III District Judges who have served or currently serve the Middle District of Tennessee.
District of Tennessee
McNairy, John (1797-1802)
Eastern and Western Districts of Tennessee
McNairy, John (1802-1833)
Middle District of Tennessee
Gore, John J. (1923-1939)
Hicks, Xenophon (1923-1928)
Gray, Frank Jr. (1961-1978)
Nixon, John Trice (1980-2016)
Echols, Robert L. (1992-2010)
Campbell, Todd J. (1995-2016)
Richardson, Eli J. (2018-present)