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Filing Information

How and When to File Papers in Office of Clerk:
Please see the CM/ECF Menu on this website for information regarding NextGen CM/ECF registration and filing. 
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
Clerk's Office
United States District Court Middle District of Tennessee
719 Church Street, Suite 1300 
Nashville, TN 37203
NOTE: Documents filed in person or by mail must be filed in Nashville for the Nashville, Northeastern, and Columbia Divisions. 
Prerequisites to Filing a Complaint:
a. Complaint
(1) Please see our Local Rules and our CM/ECF Users Manual for electronic filing for information regarding the filing of a complaint. 
(2) If you are an attorney filing your complaint over the counter, you must bring a disc or CD containing your complaint and all related documents in PDF format. This is not required of pro se plaintiffs filing on paper.
b. Summons
(1) Prepare an original and 2 copies of the summons for each defendant.  The Clerk will issue the original and one copy of the summons for each defendant to you, and will file one copy in the record.
(2) File the return with one of the issued summons after completing the Return of Service on the back page. If serving a defendant by certified mail, attach the "green card" to the back of the summons.

(3) If the defendant waives service under Rule 4(d), no summons is necessary.

d. Civil Cover Sheet:   Only an original cover sheet is needed.  No copies are required.
e. Filing Fee:  Plaintiffs in civil actions must pay a $402.00 civil filing fee or submit a motion to proceed in forma pauperis (IFP).
Service (or Waiver of Service):
a. See Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4 and Tennessee Rule of Civil Procedure 4
b. The Marshal does not serve process unless the plaintiff is proceeding IFP or is otherwise ordered by the Court.
NOTE: Should there be any differences between this information and the Local Rules, the Local Rules control.