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Copy Requests

In order for the Clerk's Office to expeditiously process your request for copies, please e-mail your request to If email is unavailable, you may fax your request to the attention of copy clerk at 615-736-7488, or call 615-736-5498. Please state the case number, the style of the case, and be specific as to the document(s) needed. It is extremely helpful if you know the docket entry of each document requested. Also, please state your name, address, and telephone number or name, address, and telephone number of your law firm. Requests for copies are processed in the order received. The goal is to process all requests as soon as possible. Although every effort will be made to process your request promptly, there may be occasions when delays may occur because the file is not available or the request is for an entire voluminous file. The charge for copies is $0.50 per page. If certification of the document is required, an additional charge of $11.00 will apply. Payment for copies must be made at the time of pickup or before any documents are mailed. Prepayment may be required for large copy requests. If you prefer that copies be mailed, please provide a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope or the appropriate container and account number for express delivery. When your copies are ready for pickup, you will be notified and given the total cost. Copies are available for pickup at the intake window of the Clerk's Office. If a case is electronically filed, copies may also be obtained from PACER.