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The Naturalization Ceremony

The Naturalization Ceremony

Naturalization ceremonies in the Middle District of Tennessee are usually held in the Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building in Nashville, Tennessee. To obtain parking information, visit, for an interactive parking map. 

All individuals entering the Federal Court facilities are required to pass through a magnetometer and have all belongings and packages subject to physical and/or x-ray examination, similar to security screening at airports. When reporting for a naturalization ceremony, please plan your arrival time accordingly. The following items are prohibited and subject to confiscation in TN Middle District Federal Court facilities: 

  • Firearms
  • Knives
  • Explosives
  • Other items considered a weapon

Information for Applicants:

  • Applicants should arrive at the appointed report time noted on the appointment letter
  • Applicants and guests are separated during the arrival process to allow time for check-in and seating
  • Applicants with children should bring another adult with them to care for their children while participating in the naturalization ceremony

Information for Guests:

  • Due to applicants being checked in and seated separately, guests may choose to arrive one hour after the applicant's noted report time
  • Large groups wishing to attend a Naturalization Ceremony are asked to contact the Clerk's Office Naturalization Clerk (615-736-5498 x 3208) to make special arrangements to attend

Guidelines for the Courtroom during the Ceremony

  • Cameras are not typically allowed in the courthouse, however the judges have authorized the use of cameras during the Naturalization Ceremenoy
  • Cell phones are allowed in the courtoom for taking pictures, but must be silenced
  • No video or audio of the Naturalization Ceremony is allowed
  • All other electronic devices are prohibited
  • Additionally, food, drinks, strollers and baby carriers are not allowed in the courtroom
  • Please remain quiet during the ceremony. If you must leave, please exit quietly. 

The ceremony size varies between 50-60 applicants, plus their guests. 

For additional information regarding Naturalization ceremonies and ceremony schedules in the Middle District of Tennessee, please contact Dalaina Thompson, Naturalization Clerk, at (615) 736-5498 x. 3208.