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PUBLIC NOTICE: Amendment to the Criminal Justice Act Plan

Monday, June 14, 2021

On June 3, 2021, the Sixth Circuit Judicial Council approved amendments to the Criminal Justice Act Plan (“CJA Plan”) for the Middle District of Tennessee. The CJA Plan serves to implement the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 in the Middle District by providing the basic framework under which criminal defense services may be provided to persons otherwise financially unable to obtain adequate representation.

The revised CJA Plan encourages all lawyers, especially young lawyers, female lawyers, and lawyers of color to seek membership on the CJA Panel through the creation of the CJA Fellows Program. The Fellows Program offers mentorship and training designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide representation to those served by the Criminal Justice Act. This is consistent with the Court’s intent to create a more diverse criminal bar that reflects the diversity within the Middle District.

Information about joining the CJA Panel is available on the Federal Public Defender’s website: CJA Panel Support. The Court also maintains a CJA Information webpage which includes a copy the amended CJA Plan and CJA eVoucher training materials.