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Practice in the Training Database

There are 21 civil cases and 20 criminal cases in the CM/ECF training database
Civil Cases:        3:05-cv-1000 through 3:05-cv-1020 
Criminal Cases:  3:05-cr-1040 through 3:05-cr-1060
You can practice filing documents in any of these cases, AND THESE CASES ONLY!! We have created 40 logins and passwords for use in the training database. They are listed below:
Login:                Atty1
Password:          Attorney@1
Login:                Atty2
Password:          Attorney@2
Login:                Atty3
Password:          Attorney@3
Login:                Atty4
Password:          Attorney@4
The logins & passwords continue through Atty40.
IMPORTANT!  If an attorney is logged in and someone else tries to use the same login and password, the following message will appear: "Warning: the account you entered is already logged in."
If you continue, it will bump the person already logged in off the system!!! Pick a different login until you successfully enter the system without a warning message.
The address for the training database is: